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Introducing Blowing LA

"In the two hottest salons in Hollywood, rivalry is fierce and the desire to be on top is even fiercer. Ted Gibson and Kim Vo are the two biggest names in celebrity hairdressing. In this exclusive access all areas structured reality show, we go behind the scenes at these high profile hair salons catering to the famous and fabulous. The stakes are high, the stylists are ambitious, and in LA a famous client can make or break you. Over 8 episodes , ‘BLOWING LA’ offers audiences a glimpse into the rarefied world of the $2400 haircut. With unique access the two legendary establishments STARRING By Ted Gibson and Kim Vo Salon- this series goes behind the glossy façade to reveal a world of creative visionaries, ambition and a fight to stay at the top."


Blowing LA airs December 7th on Paramount Plus UK, & going Global soon after that.

Creative Vision  •  Premium Products •  Multi-Dimensional

Unprecedented Luxury •  Forward Thinking


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