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Blowing LA: Glamorous New Stylist Docuseries To Hit Paramount+

A new reality show, "Blowing LA," about the luxury hairstylists behind some of the biggest Hollywood stars is coming to Paramount+. The premise promises to be dishy and filled with gossip and good hair.

We go behind-the-scenes of two of the hottest salons in Hollywood, where"rivalry is fierce and the desire to be on top is even fiercer." "Blowing LA" features Ted Gibson (@tedgibson) and Kim Vo (@mrkimvo), two big names in celebrity hairdressing. At their high-profile hair salons catering to the famous and fabulous, "the stakes are high, the stylists are ambitious, and in LA, a famous client can make or break you."

Over eight episodes, Blowing LA offers audiences a glimpse into the rarefied world of the $2,400 haircut. With unique access to the two legendary establishments, STARRING By Ted Gibson and Kim Vo Salon, this series goes behind the glossy façade to reveal a world of creative visionaries, ambition, and a fight to stay at the top.

The show airs on Paramount+ in the UK on Dec 7th and will be released globally soon after.


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