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Hair Salon Owners Are Making It Work During the Pandemic

Not all hairstylists took their services outside when the governor said they could do so. Hairstylist Ted Gibson, co-owner of Starring salon in Los Angeles, decided against doing hair outside for a variety of reasons. He feels his "smart salon" was built to be socially distanced before it was needed, with each client in a "pod" separated from the person next to them. All appointments are scheduled online so there's less interaction with staff. He feels much safer in a space he can control than doing hair at a client's home or outdoors.

"I think there were some salons that were able to [operate outside] because of their location and having space to do it," he says. "We have garbage dumpsters and a parking lot that has risers for cars to lift them up and down. Our clientele would not be interested in having their hair cut outside by the dumpster." He also notes the 100-degree heat as a deterrent. "As a licensed hairdresser, I know at Starring we are taking every measure to keep not only our staff safe but also our guests," he says.

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