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Straight Hair Is Dead, Adios!

There was a time not long ago when runway shows pursued a precise level of uniformity when it came to hair and makeup.

“Over the last few seasons, you don’t necessarily see the same look on everyone going down the runway,” says Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and owner of the STARRING salon and hair products. [Ed. note: No relation to Rachael Gibson.] “Fashion has opened up a lot more to diversify the definition of what hair means to a woman. It is about texture; the right products and the right tools.”

“It’s the whole idea of being an individual rather than feeling like a cookie-cutter,” he adds. “You don’t have to put a brush through it.”

Don’t get me wrong: Straight hair is still an intentional style choice — emphasis on choice. Sleek, pin-straight hair that’s center-parted or slicked to the side will always be a statement, but it is no longer a requirement. Whether in the context of the workplace or in the context of how we define beauty, straight hair is no longer the default.


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