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MSRP: $52 for each unit


Shooting Star Texture Iconic Meringue Shape.


On countless number of editorial shoots and celebrity red carpets Ted Gibson created this new tool to make your styling capabilities endless. Using SSTM you can transform your hair wet or dry.





For dry hair it creates texture and shine with a matte/shiny editorial finish.

For wet hair creates a beautiful, sexy blow dry.

Texture: The texture of a work of art is the feature of its surface, which comes from the materials used to make it.


(you may purchase a maximum of 1 sample)



In many cultures today you would be asked to make a wish whenever you see a shooting star. It is said that whatever you wish for will eventually come true. It is considered as a good luck charm. Shooting star symbolism changes with every region. For some people, it is the sign of good beginnings, while others take it as a symbol of ending. Seeing a shooting star means that you will achieve your destiny.



A high performance fragrance that opens with notes of fig and amber that gives way to notes of coriander and vanilla and rounded out with creamy coconut and warm woods.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Fig and Amber

Middle: Coriander and Vanilla

Bottom: Coconut and Cedar


Shooting Star Texture Meringue (Professional)

Ratings & Reviews
Gary Chowen
average rating is 5 out of 5

I have worked in the Hair Industry for 56 years - I am a true product freak !
I believe in using the absolute products on our clients hair ! They are paying good money to see us so you better deliver !
I have been watching Ted Gibsons videos and love 💕 how the hair turned out when Ted was using his product STARRING BY TED GIBSON !
I am usually most skeptical when trying out a new product and most times I am more disappointed than thrilled - I want a product that does what it tells me it can do and just not smell nice - I live in Canada and Mr Gibson helped me in being able to procure STARRING !
I couldn’t wait to try it on my clients - well I must say it made a believer out of me - my client was THRILLED how her hair looked upon completion!
I almost had to stop her from taking it from me !
I was CHER’S hairdresser on the SONNY& CHER SHOW & I wish I had this product available then as I can’t imagine how great CHER’S hair would have turned out !
So I’m giving STARRING 👍👍thumbs up !
Do yourself and you’re clients a favor and procure this product !
You won’t be sorry !
I’m one satisfied customer ✂️

Brenda Lovett
average rating is 2 out of 5

Well I’m disappointed, I p pop aid international fees to gain access to the product and although it does add volume adds no shine to my hair. I used it on wet hair and blow dried it. The smell is horrible it smells like a man’s cologne and similar smell of Ketastase densifique. I wish I didn’t dislike the smell so much I’m sorry they didn’t make the smell more light and less musky? I wasted $72 USD almost $100!canadian in total because shipping fees to Canada. It isn’t worth the money if you ask for my opinion! ☹️

Kelli Rucker