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STARRING is an independent beauty movement celebrating the Individual, a Professional Luxury Line of Haircare, and more. 

Founded by Ted Gibson & Jason Backe

Step into STARRING


Inspired by a first-class cabin experience on an airplane, the salon — designed and partially conceptualized by Francisco Gonzalez Pulido of Chicago architecture firm FGP Atelier — features five semi-private pods (dubbed “Clouds”) inspired by hair blowing in the wind, in the place of traditional styling stations.


Each cloud offers different ambient lighting options like “Sunrise,” “Sunset,” “Moonlight,” “Daylight,” and “Twilight,” to view hair color and styles in various light. An additional 6 mood enhancing lighting settings are also available.

Additionally, each individual cloud features an Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Prime Video application, and Sonos speakers for truly personalized entertainment programming and music options.


The salon itself is entirely voice activated through Amazon Alexa, and a state-of-the-art entertainment lounge welcomes guests instead of a traditional salon waiting area. There is a waiting area in lieu of a reception desk, a washing area screened in by a custom glass curtain, and a powder room with custom wall paper.


The salon is entirely cashless, giving a new retail experience to customers. Shoppable window displays, spanning hair care, beauty and fashion, are available to both customers inside and those passing by on the street.


211 South La Brea Ave | Los Angeles CA 90036



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