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Shooting Star Texture Meringue fuses together the best and most unique properties of a mousse and a foam. Shooting Star sits in a category of its own. Nothing describes it better than a meringue. It gives structure and texture, and yet has a weightless silky softness. Shooting Star is an ode to the evolution of products throughout the decades. Shooting Star will help create a silky smooth look, a beach texture, or a 60's bouffant.


Shooting Star moisturizes and strengthens the hair by penetrating deep into the cuticle. It increases suppleness while promoting gloss and texture. It is what to reach for if your hair is wet or dry. For dry hair it creates a textured and matte shiny finish. For wet hair it creates a voluminous and sexy blow dry.


Shooting Star Texture Meringue. Shake up. Dollop. Apply.


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